A big part of the population is doing home office due to pandemics. Here are some tips on how you can make your kids understand when you are on business hours.

Canada is the second-largest country in the world. We have data that says that almost half of the population, a 47 percent value, work from their homes or remotely in some way. It shows a previous adaptation of something that would become necessary. The way some businesses have to stop while others are emerging shows us that all of the services provided remotely, by delivery or when you can easily contact the company, by its website or WhatsApp, those are the ones avoiding the crash the pandemics are bringing.

While doing home office, many people may have problems when they have kids. They have to learn the new routine as you’ll have also to get in shape for a new kind of work. Here are some pros of this adaptation to the digital era and tips of things you can do to help your children understand the new situation.


As they would have it in their schools, you can explain to them what it is that you do in that time you’ll be at home but will have to be “off” for them. That is something that may work, especially when they are younger.


Home office is very easy to find distraction with day-by-day chores. The news is chaotic, and several sources are fudging people’s minds.  So, electing and determining a place for you to work, while you won’t have another alternative other than do what you have to do, will help you to keep your aiming right. You also must consider your kids’ routines before everybody gets locked down. They can easily be bored. One way to help them is keeping them busy. They will also be less of a hard job for you these days.


Some people miss their offices, but one thing is right: Dealing correctly with governments’ measures will reflect in a good way for all companies that are now finding new ways to keep providing their services with quality, even during the crisis. Rotating personal and having to work according to several rules may be hard for any company. It is time to maintain steadiness for the country’s safety. If you need to take things from work to your house these quarantine days and you are not able to do it yourself, it is time to contact one of the local moving companies. 


People who work remotely seem to have trouble on the weekends, when they are supposed to get “off” from work. There are several workers depositions where they had a burnout episodic break since they weren’t able to schedule nicely their hours. So those are the days you have to enjoy resting and being with your family and not having other responsibilities. Look for new things to do in your house, drink your favorite cocktail, and eat your best dessert. It is also a good time to, after having some fun, take a few minutes and analyze what you did and what you will have to do next week, so you won’t start lost as the beginning. It is easy to hate Mondays, especially nowadays, but not if you take it as a reality bringer.

By Luiz Araujo.

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