Moving can be a very stressful moment for anyone, but it can be even more stressful when you have a pet moving. Not to you, most of the time, but for the pet itself. Getting to a new location is not easy for pets and the way the moving company will deal with this. This is the reason why good research is necessary to hire a competent moving company.

Make it comfy

A pet can follow some instructions and you may feel that it understands everything you say and do, but there’s no way you can guarantee it will be in its best behavior during a long road, especially when they have to travel in a cage or something like that. Is the owner’s responsibility to provide a comfortable environment for the animal during the relocation. It needs preparation and patience because they don’t always follow your lead. And, such as ourselves, they get used to the ambient they live in and grow affection for spots in the house or the garden, for example.

Keep Calm and Pet Moving

They will notice your own stress, so you have to keep calm, to show them that they are safe and you won’t let them with all the boxes that all of a sudden are in the middle of every room in the house. If you show anxiety, they will also show anxiety. It’s almost as if they catch your emotions away. It’s recommendable that you don’t pack your things all at once. The lack of space will bother them and they will not understand what is happening to the home. Even without words, there’s the need to show them that you have it under control, and life won’t be so much different than it is.

Take Responsibility

Having an animal is a great responsibility and that is one of the reasons some chooses not to have them. Among health causes or when the building or neighborhood that the person lives doesn’t allow pets. That is also something that the owner has to ask about before moving. Can you imagine hiring a moving company and only after all the work finding out that your animal companion can’t live with you? Wouldn’t it be a drag?

Step by Step

Dogs are easier to deal with, because all the mess can be something to entertain them and it becomes a fun time to spend and less of a hard job, but cats won’t have the same temper and they can and will throw a tantrum. If your friend will travel in a kennel, you should introduce them to it first, show them that is safe and nothing will harm them inside. Letting them enter it when they feel comfortable is also good. Taking them for walks inside of it in your neighborhood is also a good idea.

Choose the right one

There are some specialized moving companies in Canada. Most people have a pet, and these companies can do it in a a safe environment for your pet. It’s recommended that, if you can’t take them in some other manner, you search for one of the best-reviewed firms of the field.

By Luiz Araujo

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