10 useful tasks to do on moving day

After weeks of arduous planning and preparation for your move, the big moving day finally came!!!

It’s a tense day, take a minute to relax, but don’t get too comfortable yet, because the day isn’t over yet and you’re going to have a long working day. Make sure to complete our “to do” list of 10 tasks to make the moving to your new space easier.

# 1 – Check if your essential services like water, electricity, and the internet are working properly in your new home.

# 2 – Call close friends and family to confirm you are moving.

# 3 – Pay extra attention to kids and pets. They must be very excited on a moving day.

# 4 – Plan ordering food to offer a good meal for your family at the new place, or simply take everybody out for dinner.

# 5 – Contact the moving company and confirm arrival details.

# 6 – Prepare a kit for the move, you don’t want everything stored in the truck. Keep all essential items on hand.

# 7 – Reserve a parking space for the moving truck.

# 8 – Get rid of trash and donate perishable items

# 9 – Prepare for the arrival a relaxing and fun activity for all members of the family

# 10 – Take a shower and get your bed ready, at the end of that long day it is going to be what you need.


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